Process to Check Meebhoomi AP Land Records

Andhra Pradesh (AP) is one of the most developed states of India. A lot of technological innovations are taking place here.

And if you want to check AP land records, you don’t have to visit offices physically and waste time and money.

It is because it is possible to check Andhra Bhoomi land records via the Meebhoomi AP portal. Read on and know more!

What is Meebhoomi AP?

Meebhoomi AP is an online portal that maintains a digital land records registry. It was established in June 2015 by the Andhra Pradesh Government.

The Department of Revenue also collaborated to launch the Meebhoomi AP. Its focus was to provide correct AP land records.

With Meebhoomi AP up and running, you can access land details like Meebhoomi 1B, Meebhoomi Adangal AP, village maps and much more.

What information can you access via Meebhoomi AP?

The AP land records website provides you with different land-related details, such as:

✔Andhra Pradesh land records.

✔Tenancy and crop details.

✔Water source, soil type and area assessment.

✔Nature of possession of the land and liabilities.

✔Meebhoomi Adangal AP and Meebhoomi 1B (land record documents).

✔Survey number checking.

✔Patta names.

✔Pattidar passbook statistics.

✔Village landlords list.

What is the procedure to check AP land records online?

It is possible to check AP land records online for your property in the state. You can do that by accessing the Meebhoomi 1B or ROR details.

All that you have to do is – follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Land on the official website of the Meebhoomi AP.
  2. Once you are on the Meebhoomi AP portal, visit the top menu on the home page and choose ‘Meebhoomi 1B’ from there.
  3. Now, you will be taken to a new page. On this page, you have to fill in details, such as district, village and zone. You should select from any of the alternatives above the form to check out these details precisely. It includes account number, name of Pattidar, survey number, Adaru number, and auto mutation records.
  4. Once you have filled in the correct details, you have to feed the 5-digit code in the subsequent box. It will enable you to view your AP land records online.

You need to note that both Adangal and 1B are AP land records. Nonetheless, 1B is maintained by a Tehsildaar and has the details of a seller.

For Adangal, the information included is a land type, nature of use, and other land-centric details.

How to track your complaint status on Meebhoomi AP?

In the event of any complaint filed concerning mistakes in land records and resolution, it is possible to know about the status of your complaint. Let’s know more:

  1. Open the Meebhoomi AP portal, and go to the ‘Complaint’ option from the top menu of the home page.
  2. You will be able to see a drop-down menu. You have to choose the ‘Status of Your Complaint’ from available alternatives.
  3. Next, you will be redirected to a new page. Here, you need to select the name of your district where the land is located. Once, you have to punch in your complaint number.
  4. Once done, the Meebhoomi AP portal will quickly showcase the active status of your complaint on the go.

Nowadays, it is also possible to access different AP land records on mobile applications.

But, before using them, you should verify such an app’s sources. It is because the Meebhoomi AP portal does not have any affiliation to those mobile apps.

It would be recommended to access AP land records via a web-based site, the Meebhoomi AP.

If not, you may lose your personal data, and Meebhoomi AP won’t be responsible for that.

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