DC Full Form

DC Full form

Today we are writing about the DC Full Form in different Category like DC Full Form in Electric Category,  DC full form in company name ,DC full form in Government. The DC is the most commonly used word in education, government, comics, etc therefore to study the DC is significant.

DC Full Form

The DC full form is Direct Current

D – Direct

C – Current


Direct current is one-directional flow of electric charge. An electrochemical cell is a prime example of DC power.

DC Full Form in Company Name

The DC full form is Dilip Chhabria . Dilip Chhabria is Indian car designer and the founder of DC Design. He designed and manufactured the DC Avanti, which is considered as India’s first sports car.


D – Dilip

C – Chhabria

DC Full Form In Government

The DC full form is Government term is Deputy Commissioner in India. In government, the DC means the Deputy Commissioner which is a highly reputed post in the government sector. The DC is higher by the government of India from a Deputy Secretary of BCS Administration Cadre.

D –  Deputy

C – Commissioner

Washington DC Full Form

The full form of Washington DC is the District of Columbia. It is Important Part of the US That includes 50 States of US.

DC Universe Full Form

The DC universe full form is the Detective Comics. Detective Comics is an American comic book series published by Detective Comics, later shortened to DC Comics. The first volume, published from 1937 to 2011, is best known for introducing the superhero Batman in Detective Comics #27.

DC Full Form In Computer and Networking

Dc full form in computer networking terminology is Data Compression. Data compression is the process of encoding, restructuring or otherwise modifying data in order to reduce its size.


DC Meaning in Hindi

  •   डायरेक्ट करंट
  • डेटा कम्प्रेशन

  • डिप्टी कमिश्नर

  • डिस्ट्रिक्ट ऑफ कोलंबिया

  • डिटेक्टिव कॉमिक्स

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