8 Reasons Why You Should Make Reading Your Best Friend

Reading is an excellent habit to cultivate throughout one’s life. Good books may educate, inform, and correctly guide you. There is nothing like a beautiful book to keep you company.

You enter a whole other universe once you begin reading. When you develop a passion for reading, you will get hooked on it.

Here are eight reasons to pick up a book today, since many successful individuals attribute their good fortune to reading.

  1. Reading can help you live a longer life.

Regardless of gender, wealth, education, or health, those who read books live two years longer than those who do not. A similar link was seen among newspaper readers, but it was weaker.

The study’s authors said, “Book reading contributed to a survival benefit that was substantially higher than that seen for reading newspapers or magazines.” They found that book readers had a 23-month survival advantage over non-readers.


According to Chris a freelancer, who provides service in online Essay Help Australia and online essay writing service, “Reading improves empathy and emotional intelligence, which are cognitive skills that might increase one’s chances of surviving.”

  1. A tangible book may allow you to absorb more information.

According to research, kids absorb more information from paper than from screens, emphasizing the need to read a physical book rather than an e-reader. According to a Norwegian study, pupils who read printed materials performed higher on reading comprehension exams than students who read digitally.

  1. You gain future-oriented skills.

Evidence shows that being immersed in a book-focused atmosphere helps students succeed in school. According to one research, growing up with a home library increases adult literacy, numeracy, and technical problem-solving.

As younger generations attempt to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution, skills like these are becoming increasingly crucial. The World Economic Forum’s Future Job Report shows how the need for talents is changing toward softer abilities, which may be cultivated in part through reading.

  1. It allows you to travel through other worlds.

Each of us plays a distinct and essential function in life. Even if we are content in our current roles, many of us fantasize about what it would be like to live in a new location, work in a different career, or even be entirely another person.

Books allow us to escape the confines of our world for a short period. They transport us from our world to someone else’s, real or imagined. They fulfill the elusive “What if?” curiosity.

  1. It expands your lexicon

Reading can help you widen your vocabulary in addition to increasing your emotional and cognitive intelligence, according to a study that found “above average readers had a faster rate of vocabulary increase than did ordinary readers.”

The research said that “reading aloud, discussing reading, and having autonomous reading experiences at school and home might enhance vocabulary acquisition.”

  1. It protects the brain from degeneration.

Dementia is likely to be reduced if you exercise your intellect. The group recommends doing something you enjoy that challenges your brain regularly, such as reading “difficult novels.”

According to the Society’s website, “regularly pushing oneself mentally appears to build up the brain’s ability to cope with sickness.” “Use it or lose it” is one way to think about it.

  1. Reading pushes you to expand your horizons.

You must learn how to read before you can read. You must force yourself to engage with meaningless lines and squiggles until they become tales, characters, and concepts. After you’ve mastered picture books, you may go on to children’s novels.

Classic literature, novels without pictures foreign language books. Reading is a persistent workout in which you continually push yourself to do better than you did with your last book.

  1. Reading aids in memory.

Reading isn’t only about learning new things. It also serves as a vehicle for introspection. Many bibliophiles may connect their passion for reading to a memorable experience, such as being read to by a parent or discovering their first favorite book.


Reading about familiar locations, events, and people, or rereading cherished novels, helps you recall the nuances of your life. It serves as a reminder of who you are, where you come from, and how you got here.

  1. Reading aids in forgetting.

Chronic escapism isn’t a good habit, but neither is concentrating on unpleasant life situations all of the time. Allowing your thoughts to focus on things other than your problems can be pretty helpful and even vital in small doses.

Negative thinking may be replaced with reading, which is a safe, healthy, and helpful activity. It provides a secure haven for your thoughts to rest till you regain the strength you need to face your challenges.


Whether you started reading at the age of five or fifty, reading has become an essential and valued part of many people’s lives.

When you look at life through someone else’s eyes, you get a different perspective on some of life’s most frequent circumstances. Empathizing with views that differ from your own can be unsettling, but talented authors can automatically empathize with their characters, and can also consult Online Assignment Help services or online assignment helps providers.

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