5 Best Bridal Pattu Saree for a Traditional Indian Bride 2021

Pattu sarees are recognized for their vibrant colors and dynamic designs, and these days brides are opting for unique colors such as pastel dusty pink, mint, or even lilac, which were never considered five years ago.


Red or pink are still popular colors, and broad borders are desired, but plain sarees with colorful blouses are becoming more fashionable. If you want to go that option, here’s some good inspiration for blouse designs for wedding Pattu sarees!

So, here are 5 of the most beautiful Pattu sarees we’ve seen on Brides—and trust us, you’d never guess there’s such a wide range of styles and hues!

1. Gold Pattu Sari

Gorgeous Gold Pattu Saree with embroidered patterns on the sleeve blouse and beaded flower borders and pleats. If you’re searching for a color that’s distinct from the typical reds and pinks, this gold Pattu saree is a good option.


2. Pink Pattu Sari

Bright pink is always a fantastic choice, and this one with peacock designs is a winner for any wedding! Giving an exquisite look by using a brighter hue that can be used for both morning and nighttime weddings! The bride would look stunning in this pink Pattu sari.


3. Red Pattu Sari

Red has always been the main color connected with weddings, whether they are South Indian or North Indian. This one has the traditional, ageless elegance of all ages available in huge fading golden borders!


4. Lavender Pattu Sari

Lavender is one of the purest hues, and when combined with a tinge of blue, it looks even more beautiful and distinct. This Pattu saree’s checkered design with animal patterns adds to its appeal.


5. Yellow & Gold Pattu Sari

Another Pattu saree in a gold color that is beautiful and classy! Matched it with the light pink blouse with embroidered sleeves and a nice border that matches the sari and the blouse.


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